Much of the communication that takes place within companies and organisations (and their communications with the public) is in writing. Newsletters, e-mails, reports, text messages... Each day, you probably spend a lot of your time composing words. Writing requires skill. You may find yourself struggling to get it right. And sometimes your words just don’t seem to get through. 

That can be changed! But how? No need to worry, we can help you get there. Together with you, we will look at the things you are struggling with in communicating. We will give you the tools to make your words flow more effortlessly from your pen or keyboard. In such a way that they will be read and heard. You will find that written communication becomes a lot easier, and more effective. 

Together, we will look at how to optimise your written communication. What do you want to get across and what do you want to achieve with that? What method are you using and why is that particular method used? We will take a close look at your current means of communication and discuss your (language) pitfalls. Based on this, we will develop a training programme that is tailored to your specific needs. 


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