Language as a connecting bridge

We believe in the power of connecting. And we believe that language opens the door to connecting with others. The expression "we speak the same language" cuts ice with us. Though it can be interpreted in different ways, the underlying sense is: “we are on the same page”. 

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that we want to help people - regardless of what their situation is - to speak the same language. Whether you are a newcomer to the Netherlands and want to connect with the local people and culture, or whether you work within an organisation and want to improve your collaboration skills with your colleagues. That is why, in addition to the technical and grammatical aspects of a language, we pay at least as much attention to the social and cultural components.  

Learning and recharging your batteries in a green and peaceful surrounding 

Learning is easiest in a laid-back setting, somewhere where you can truly unwind. In our opinion, the green and peaceful environment of Het Terphuis is an ideal place for this. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can relax and enjoy the quintessential Dutch polder landscape - while at the same time working on your learning goals.